Quite a lot of Newport Coast interior designers, it seems, are all talk but very little substance in actually delivering on the design goals of people in Newport Coast, CA. Most deliver design ideas based on traditional, flat and outdated interior design concepts. Few take the time to appreciate the very sophisticated design aspirations of residents in the area.

So how exactly do we at 27 Diamonds turn design failures into success? We start by actually matching our knowledge of past successes. In the countless interior design projects we’ve taken on, we’ve stuck with the contemporary, coastal, modern (and sometimes classic) themes demanded by our clients. As a result we’ve built up a reputation as a Newport Coast interior design company that “knows” what works.

If you look at the fabric choices we employ in our design projects for instance, you’ll see bold manifestations of the contemporary and coastal tastes which define Newport Coast interior design. The neutral motifs are intimately woven into the choice of natural fabrics – whether its wool, silk, linen or cotton, the design result befits the aspirations and design goals of the client.

At 27 Diamonds we make it a policy not to rest on laurels. As a result we are constantly updating our design philosophy to reflect the tastes of Newport Coast residents. It means that no matter when you choose to engage us, the quality of service you get will always be in line with what works.


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