Newport Coast V


Project Location

Newport Coast, CA

Project Description

Upon entering this Newport Coast home, the eye is immediately drawn into the sitting room to your left. With a striking white sofa, and a large chandelier reminiscent of a ring of candles, the room is a statement piece unto itself. Completing this look is a silver trunk-turned-coffee table, and blue poufs as additional seating. The first bathroom makes big use of small space with a separate room for the sink, lit by decorative wall sconce and providing attractive contrast between white cabinets and gray marbled countertop. The formal dining room is truly a sight to behold; equidistant between two windowed walls sits a long blonde-wood dining table, lined with eight chocolate brown leather chairs, and one patterned chair at either end. At the end of the room, above a gas fireplace, and between two tall curtained windows, is a teal blue gradient painting to add color to this dignified space.

Not to be upstaged is the family room, complete with another, larger, gas fireplace, ceiling-high cream colored curtains framing bay windows, and a lush sectional sofa. The open-beam ceiling matches and compliments the modern table, and the ottoman set near the fireplace brings to mind cold nights spent resting by a warm fire. The adjacent kitchen is yet another stunning example of design, with a large marble-topped island, stainless steel appliances, and all-stone backsplash that covers an entire wall. In the master bedroom, an area rug with a vertical pattern draws your eyes to the gorgeously tufted headboard, bordered on either side with deep gray curtains. A textured gray statement ceiling, and beautiful sketch-style artwork above the bed adds dimension and class to this space. This home is a beautiful example of contrast, perfectly moving from light to dark woods without ever compromising its stunning and severe style.

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