Laguna Beach


Project Location

Laguna Beach, CA

Project Description

The owners of this spacious Laguna Beach home had a taste for modern contemporary style, with just a hint of the eclectic – and our interior design team brought this idea to fruition beautifully. With mostly light & neutral shades, pops of color create a striking and noticeable contrast. The client asked us to incorporate an existing painting, so we brought in yellow and red patterns on couch pillows, and a vase, to tie the look together. Textured walls and geometric varied height tables bring dimension to the family room, while a mix of geometric-abstract and natural stone accessories add layers to this look. The dining room features a stunning abstract glass chandelier, over a contemporary wood table with metal angular legs. The chairs in the dining room are low-backed, so as much light as possible can pour over the teal-cushioned reading nook, and into this home.

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