Project Location

Brea, CA

Project Description

This Brea home was always spacious, but longed for depth – which is where our interior design team came in. A blend of deep blues and light neutrals adds dimension to this family room; the arm chairs have royal blue upholstery, lined with a nail head border, while the matching curtains accentuate the height of the space and draw the eye toward the gray textured ceiling. The gray sectional sofa rests atop a plush white area rug, which contrasts beautifully with both the dark wood of the floor, and the deep brown leather of the ottoman. The adjacent dining room has a dark shade of gray on the walls to distinguish itself from the family or kitchen areas, while the blue window coverings continue the theme throughout the home. In the kitchen, black leather chairs and dark marble countertops offer a striking contrast against the white cabinetry in the island, and throughout the kitchen. This guest bathroom fits great style in a very compact package; gray & silver wallpaper makes the space look larger than life, while minimal decoration keeps the look from being too intense.

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