Newport Coast VI


Project Location

Newport Coast, CA

Project Description

This 5,048 square foot Newport Coast home has a contemporary look with a touch of Rococo style – almost reminiscent of royalty. The double doors open to reveal a stylish seating area for two by the staircase, and a dark wood entry table with silver branches adorning it and functioning as its legs. Past this is the main dining room, where a King’s chair and red accent dining chairs attract the eye without distracting from the stunning beaded-chain chandelier above. In the living room, our designers were mindful of the client’s spiritual artwork, and built a theme around it to maintain its dignity. Multiple pendants and bold colors in the upholstery accomplish this flawlessly.

The family room has a more relaxed, comfortable feel, with a lush sectional. The room is clearly as functional as it is fashionable, with custom cabinets installed for storage, and purple poufs acting as a perfect pop of color to brighten the room. The master bathroom was a huge breath of fresh air to the home, it now has a black & white freestanding tub, which sets a beautiful contrast against the gray marbled walls, and a crystal chandelier above you as you enter the space. This house is a site to behold, room after room, and is truly a work of art.

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