Living Room Interior Design Services

The living room is that area of the house that delivers without a doubt, that quintessential feeling of "home". But that feeling cannot be achieved without well thought out design; simply arranging a few items of brand new furniture, splashing a new coat of paint or throwing up new drapes won’t do it. The living room demands attention to detail; it demands symmetry between space, architecture, lighting and adjoining areas of the home.

Many of the clients we take on here at 27 Diamonds are for "corrective" work. Clients who thought that by merely giving their living room a new lick of paint and adding a few pieces of new furniture, the glory of their living room would come out. Time and time again, we have to go in a clean up the mess, recalibrate the design and give those living rooms, the life and joy that is locked within them.

Our Orange County interior designers are able to fuse our design experience with the tastes and vision of our design clients. Not only will we help choose the right pieces of elegant furniture, wall coverings and flooring, we'll blend all the elements necessary to make your living room the ultimate place for relaxation and enjoyment. We can help bring out the hidden potential of your living room, giving you a slice of palatial harmony and something you can be extremely proud of.

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