Kitchen & Dining Room Interior Design Services

Your kitchen and dining area will often reflect your personality and character in ways you can least imagine. This is why the design of your kitchen should be carefully approached. Kitchens inherently require that design details be fused in a practical and functional way with how they’re used.

One of the problems faced by people looking to create the "perfect" kitchen or dining room is the challenge of blending functionality with design. You hear it all the time: "The cupboards looked lovely until we installed them, now they just get in the way, and don't make the statement I want to make". This is where using the right Orange County interior designer is critical. At 27 Diamonds, we pride ourselves on designing perfect kitchens and dining rooms. We take the banal and transform it into a functional beauty. Once we are done with your kitchen, preparing dinner will become a beautiful experience and something to look forward to.

Our design team will take your kitchen design ideas and transform them into a functional reality. You never have to worry that you’ll choose the wrong cabinets, countertops, backsplash, appliances, flooring or wall coverings, because the tedious job of mixing, matching and blending is all sorted by us. We allow you to leverage our years of design experience to unlock the charm and functional brilliance of your kitchen.

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