Meet The Team

We Listen, We Create, You Enjoy.

At 27 Diamonds, we're known for two important things: our dedication to our craft and our fun-loving approach to the design process. Interior design can be stressful for the client and we do our best to make it as easy as possible. We listen to your needs, ideas and inputs. We keep you informed and involved. And most importantly, we make it exciting and enjoyable for you.

Our close-knit team of creative and passionate designers is among the best at what they do. We leverage our knowledge, experience and design talent to create many of southern California's most beautiful interiors. Whether it's a small one bedroom apartment or a 15,000 sq. ft. home, our designers are here to help you create that space you'll absolutely love. Learn more about our team below.

Anna Shiwlall

Lead Interior Designer
Anna holds a degree from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles, CA. She has worked on numerous projects including La-Z-Boy showrooms, Koopmans Furniture showrooms, Forever21, Herbalife Health Clubs, spas, various restaurants and hundreds of residential projects ranging from small one bedroom apartments to 15,000 sq. ft. homes and movie rooms. In the past, Anna has been featured on CBS LA, Newport Coast Magazine and for her taste in fashion and love for style and design.

Lisa Conley

Lead Interior Designer
Lisa Conley is an interior designer with an emphasis on residential design. After receiving her Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications from California State University, Fullerton, Lisa went on to earn a Professional Designation A.A. in Interior Design from The Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising. She has worked on numerous floor-sets for a retail clothing store, as a design consultant for a custom sofa company and has been a lead designer for 27 Diamonds since 2012. Lisa has worked on design projects ranging from one bedroom makeovers to 5,000 sq. ft. home remodels. She also has experience in commercial design and brings an at home feel into business interiors. Lisa loves helping clients create custom designer interiors that reflect their personal style.

Louisa Lam

Lead Interior Designer
Louisa Lam is inspired by color, music, movement, and culture. She has a great understanding of architectural history and strives to reflect that in her designs. She received her Bachelors of Science in Interior Design from the Art Institute of California, Orange County. Since then she has designed multiple high-end residential projects, which have allowed her to work with different styles from modern to traditional. Louisa uses her experience in different styles to make every project unique and fit for the client.

Sanaz Tousi

Lead Interior Designer
Sanaz Tousi is an interior designer from the Art Institute of Orange County. During her studies in AI, she developed her skills in all the design phases. As a child, her interest in painting provided her a great sense of colors and helped her become a creative and motivated interior designer. Living in the Middle East and traveling throughout the other parts of the world influenced her high end taste sensibilities. Sanaz believes that interior space should reflect owner's characteristics. For creating outstanding interiors, Sanaz uses different styles based on the client's taste and she believes that every detail has a big impact in the design.

Alexandra Cole

Lead Interior Designer
Alexandra Cole has been passionate about interior design since the age of four. Following this interest, she received a B.S. in Interior Design from the Art Institute of California - Orange County. She loves residential design and focuses on the details of each project, tailoring the style to each client's specific tastes. Alex loves sustainable design and enjoys incorporating unique features into each project.

Lindsay Stokes Kennedy

Lead Interior Decorator
Lindsay started her creative career in visual merchandising, staging and styling for major fashion and home decor brands along the California coast. With a "hands on" motto, she found a special gift in customizing and refurbishing worthy furniture pieces and bringing life to spaces that seem like they have no hope. After attending the Art Institute of California - Orange County to obtain a degree in Interior Design, Lindsay was excited to join the team, as a lead designer, to contribute her extensive knowledge about style and her passion for home design.

Cindy Ortiz

Interior Designer
Cindy Ortiz has a unique sense of style and her experience in residential design comes from all different areas. As a graduate from The Art institute of Orange County, she has developed the love for green living and sustainability design. She strives to make every project a part of her life as she connects individually with every client. After traveling to Europe and having a better understanding of space and culture and living situations, she loves to share her personal style and is capable of making any area into a perfect comfortable living space.

Sara Vera

Interior Designer
Sara Vera's personal style consists of bold colors with a touch of whimsy where she strives to find and incorporate beauty in all aspects of life. She earned her degree at The Art Institute of Orange County where she graduated with a bachelors of science in interior design. While in school, she worked on retail store displays and multiple detailed warehouse space plans. Her designs aim to always bring the best solutions that will bring the most return for her clients by incorporating style, practicality and always keeping the clients budget in mind.

Sylvia Lopez

Interior Designer
Sylvia Lopez is an interior designer who is strongly inspired by architecture and art. Her studies at the Art Institute helped her strive to use the right balance of comfort and artistic architectural elements to create successful spaces. She has developed designs for large retail, hospitality, and commercial projects while working for a commercial company. It is Sylvia’s goal to create a unique experience which reflects each individual’s personality. She strives to create curiosity and thrill while proposing tasteful designs.

Sarah Ham

Interior Designer
Sarah Ham first developed an interest in interior design when she started visiting model homes as a child. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design from the Art Institute of California - Orange County. Her studies at the Art Institute helped her gain perspective on interior design as a profession of art and science, as well as expanding her creativity in providing solutions for the client's needs. Sarah believes that everyone should have a space that they love and are proud of, and she strives to design beautiful interiors that accommodate the client's lifestyle and tastes.

Eric Shiwlall

Office Manager/Logistics
Eric has lead a successful team of people as the owner of a private mortgage firm. His experience as a business owner is a valuable asset at 27 Diamonds. Eric always finds a way to extract the best out of his peers and is a real team player. He is here to make sure the client's project is completed in a smooth and efficient manner. In his free time, Eric is a free agent basketball star at the local community center and proud dad to his beautiful 4-year-old daughter Sarah and 8-month daughter Riley.